What if you had a perfect outfit ready to go for casual Fridays, classroom celebrations, field trips, and teacher workdays?

The doors are open to our brand-new Teacher Tee Shirt Club and we're excited to welcome you to the sisterhood!


Hey, friend! Is this you?

  • You love a graphic tee for casual Friday, a fun classroom celebration, field trips, and even running errands.
  • You're all about celebrating and love to be as festive as possible for every occasion!
  • You love finding fun new tees to wear for your favorite holiYAYs, but don't have time to search for the perfect one.
  • You feel overwhelmed instead of overjoyed when it's time to choose an outfit for a holiday or special occasion.
  • Your closet is full of tees from college and you just need a little refresher.
  • You want an easy, affordable way to celebrate that allows you to focus on what matters most!

You are totally not alone!

The Teacher Tee Shirt Club is a monthly membership featuring happy, hand-lettered apparel designed especially for educators to add a little fun to every celebration, special occasion, and holiYAY!

The Teacher Tee Shirt Club provides a simple, stress-free way to celebrate all the things with fun, festive apparel -and saves you time (and dollars!). You don't have to even think about it, sister! As a member of the Teacher Tee Shirt Club, you'll receive...

  • a happy, hand-lettered tee to match the holiday or season delivered to your front door each month - at a special, members-only discounted price
  • free shipping on your monthly happy mail ($100 value)
  • exclusive, happy designs you can't find anywhere else on our site
  • access to our private Teacher Tee Shirt Club Community where you can share styling ideas, connect with other members, and get sneak peeks of upcoming designs 
  • secret, exclusive discount codes on other happy products throughout the year
  • multiple everyday designs throughout the year; you'll want to reach for these again and again all year long!  
Say no more, I need this now! 

Plus, when you join today...

you'll be entered to win a free 6 month membership! One lucky lady will receive this amazing grand prize to help add a little extra happy to her classroom this year. Will you be the winner?! 

The doors close soon! Grab your spot today.

Click here to make 2021 your happiest year ever. 

What designs will I get throughout the year?!

What Our Members are Saying...

Ready to make this school year happy?

If you're always looking for a way to celebrate more often, to add some happy to your closet, or to treat yourself every month, this is your chance, friend! The doors to our Teacher Tee Shirt Club are open NOW and we're accepting members just like you. Join now and get ready to get happy!  

When you join today, you'll be entered to win a free annual membership! Plus, all of our new members will receive an exclusive, limited-edition sticker, a personalized teacher notepad and free shipping on your monthly happy mail.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It's simple, sister! Once you pay for your first month, you'll be good to go! After that, you'll be automatically billed each month and your monthly happy mail will ship straight to your door.

What if I need to change my size?

Don't worry, friend! Updating your account is simple. Just shoot an email to sarah@theredheadedcamel.com and we'll get your size updated for all future months.

What kind of tees will I recieve?

We send a variety of super soft, absolutely adorable tees so you can enjoy a mix of styles in your closet! You can expect to receive short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, baseball tees, and even a few short sleeve v-neck styles throughout the year.

How much does it cost?

Membership to the Tee Shirt Club is $26.75/month. This cost includes your monthly happy tee, plus access to our private community, along with FREE shipping each month!

Are there any hidden fees?

No way! The price you see is the price you'll pay, every single month. You'll be locked in at the current membership rate for the life of your membership. If at any point you choose to cancel and re-enroll, you'll be responsible for the membership cost at that time.

What comes with my membership?

In addition to your monthly tee shirt, you'll also receive access to our private Tee Shirt Club Community for the lifetime of your membership! Plus, as a founding member, I'm covering your happy mail shipping fees ALL YEAR LONG!

Ready to join the fun?

Click here to say YES to a happy, intentionally celebrated year!

Hi! I'm Sarah, your new best pal and tee shirt designer!

I'm an artist and designer of happy home decor and am so thrilled you're here! I help women like you cultivate joy-filled, happy homes where memories are created. 

You might find me wearing stripes and all the bright colors, baking cookies (with sprinkles!), or with my nose in a good book.

I created the Teacher Tee Shirt Club because I believe you deserve a simple solution to help make your classroom and celebrations happier... without all the hassle and stress. 

Join me as we make this school year happy, one celebration and tee shirt at a time! 


Join the Teacher Tee Shirt Club today.

When you join, you'll receive free shipping, along with a happy, hand-lettered tee shirt delivered to you monthly! Don't miss this, sister!

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